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About Us

IDBC is a formal association, formed during the first Congress of Indonesian Diaspora (CID) in Los Angeles, California in 2012. Registered in Indonesia under Yayasan Diaspora Bhakti Bangsa.  IDBC fostering the connections between Indonesia and  the country where diaspora resides in both private and public sector.

IDBC; a voluntary and non-profit organization supported by professionals that fosters the continued growth of Indonesia economic prospects by Indonesian Diaspora including entrepreneurship, education with a global network.

They operate by opening doors for businesses and professional opportunities in Indonesia and for Indonesia.

Empowering Indonesian Diaspora business with businesses in Indonesia.


Missions :​

  • To help and connect the Indonesian Diaspora in establishing and growing their careers, businesses, and entrepreneurships.

  • To promote and propel economic growth in Indonesia by opening doors to businesses and professional opportunities for Indonesian Diaspora

  • To bridge and leverage the businesses of the Indonesian Diaspora with businesses in Indonesia.

Behind the scene : 

Edward Wanandi (USA)

Fify Manan


Astrid Vasile (Australia)
Vice President

Diski Naim  (Australia)
Chief Technology Officer

Robert Manan

Hospitality & Gastronomy Task Force Leader

Faiq Faishal
Liaison Officer (IND)




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