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Wedhangan Q

Wedhangan Q

Wedhangan Q started with packaged milk coffee in 2018. At that time we only served the closest circle and made it based on orders. In 2020 when COVID-19 broke out, it turned out that we were given the opportunity to transform into rebranding to expand the range of existing products and introduce a new drink series: herbal medicine.

With  her trademark smile and friendliness, Budhe always greeted: “Good morning, what's your jamu, Mbak/Mas?” Parents and guardians at the school must recognize Budhe as one of the icons of the school environment.

From  Budhe we learned about the efficacy of herbs and herbs. Especially during this pandemic! From Budhe, we also know the Indonesian hangout habit, it's not much different from the coffee hangout that is more familiar today.

Unfortunately, this pandemic period caused Budhe's hangout to disappear. Our longing for Budhe's concoctions is what prompted Q to launch the “Jamune Budhe” series. Our goal is to be able to commit, take care of each other, help each other through this difficult time.

With “Kopinya Mas”, “Jamune Budhe”, this year the Ramadan atmosphere of the Wedhangan Q community is also enlivened by a series of dates: “Sari Kurma Teteh”, jelly sweet fresh soft drinks, and “Kopi Titis”, which is ground coffee ready to brew.


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